Improve MetroWest Rail Service During I-90 Construction

The Commonwealth faces a decade of significant vehicular mobility disruption on Interstate 90 (the Mass Pike) due to three major construction projects that will significantly reduce the capacity of the Pike. The need for frequent and reliable transit and rail mobility along this corridor is urgent! A better Framingham/ Worcester Line is the best mobility option to keep MetroWest commuters from sitting in hours of traffic and jump start #RegionalRail. It is the fastest-growing line, but MassDOT has suggested that the line might be hobbled by single-track operation for significant periods during 8-10 years of construction.

MassDOT needs to hear your voice! Join us in the fight to make sure Pike construction doesn't grind the region to a halt. Let's embrace this opportunity to advance sustainable transportation and make #RegionalRail one step closer to reality.

We, the undersigned, ask that MassDOT and the MBTA commit to four goals as part of the I-90 Interchange Improvement Project:

  1. The MBTA should immediately increase off-peak frequency with a goal of service every thirty minutes during most of the day
  2. Commit to keeping both tracks of the Framingham/Worcester Line operational throughout construction
  3. Build West Station early to enable better access to Cambridge, Allston-Brighton and to ensure the new Allston Yards neighborhood is walkable, vibrant, and well connected
  4. Use the Grand Junction Line to connect the I-90 Corridor to the growing Kendall Square area and to North Station

With these improvements in place, we look forward to more robust, high-capacity, and low-carbon transportation for Boston and MetroWest communities. Thank you for your time.

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