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    The point of connecting red to blue isnt to check off a box saying all T lines are connected with free transfers, but to imrpove mobility and economic opportunity for residents of Massachusetts and the North Shore. The Blue Lines extension to MGH not only connects our world class health care facility with a one seat ride to the airport, it provides access to a major employment center for tens of thousands of employees near the Blue Line. The Blue Line is surrounded with untapped development potential at sites like Suffolk Downs and Wonderland, where a one seat ride to MGH and potentially Cambridge would enable multi billion dollar developments capable of revitalizing the area and potentially paying for the extension on their own.

    Red-Blue Connector


    Add your name to this e-petition to tell MassDOT and the MBTA to build the "Red to Blue Connector" as a subway extension and not as a pedestrian walkway. Additionally, please show up to the MassDOT & MBTA Board Meeting on Monday, February 4 at noon to comment in person even if you have already signed the petition!

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    We, the undersigned, wish to voice our displeasure at the treatment of the "Red to Blue Connector" or the extension of the Blue Line to Charles/MGH in the draft Focus 2040 visioning plan. This has been a missing link in the MBTA's subway for far too long. It will most importantly serve the mobility needs of the environmental justice communities of East Boston, Winthrop, and Revere along the Blue Line, as well as communities along the Red Line from Cambridge & Somerville to Boston, Quincy & Braintree. The Blue Line extension would also be a game changer for mobility in the region, providing a strong new link to Logan Airport (now handling 38 million passengers annually) and an important new link to Mass General Hospital. A pedestrian connection means little to a person with limited mobility, parents with young children, or a weary traveler. The Commonwealth shirked its responsibility once before, we should not miss this opportunity to right that wrong and build the Red to Blue Connector as intended. We hope that you will replace the reference to a pedestrian walkway with a commitment to extend the Blue Line to Charles/MGH. Thank you for your time & consideration.

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