Key Members

Sam Trafidlo

Research Associate

I was born and raised in the Greater Boston area. As a kid, I was interested in maps and for much of my childhood would actually draw them based on my memory from traveling. I have also always been fascinated by public transit and would beg my parents to take me into the city on the Green Line Riverside branch. Living in the Metro West region for most of my life, I frequently used the Framingham/Worcester commuter rail line after additional stations were constructed to serve the area.

After seeing how vulnerable the MBTA was during the tough winter of 2015, I began researching to understand myself what factors have led to the current situation of underinvestment in the system. Since I use the MBTA to get to work, I know how much of a lifeline transit serves for many things including employment, business, economic development and tourism. Most importantly, all of those needs are related or connected in some way to each other.

The bottom line is clear then: if the MBTA cannot operate properly during a time of need, then the entire Eastern Massachusetts region, as a whole, suffers as a result. Along with other young professionals, I enjoy adding my contribution to the ongoing discussion of how to make the MBTA function better and make Boston the world-class city that it truly is.